MPKG Gayo Arabica Coffee

What Makes Gayo Arabica Coffee Unique

The protected Geographical Indication of the Kopi Arabika Gayo covers a specific product: the coffee grown in the Gayo Highlands and processed through “wet hulling” that is typical of Sumatra and is described in the book of specifications.

The combination of wet hulling, the agro-climatic zones in the Gayo Highlands and the soil rich of volcanic ashes, produce a distinctive and unique taste. Sensory analysis show that the taste of Kopi Arabika Gayo has strong intensity of flavour and thickness, and presents characteristics of unique complexity in flavour and aroma such as nutty, chocolaty, caramelly and is persistent on the palate.

To be commercialized as Gayo Arabica Coffee, it must originate entirely from the Gayo Highlands, in particular the three districts of Aceh Tengah, Bener Meriah and Gayo Lues.

Labelling of Kopi Arabika Gayo

The coffee covered by the protected Geographical Indication “Kopi Arabika Gayo” is commercialised in packages that clearly bear the following mention:
– “Protected Geographical Indication” or PGI,
– the name “Kopi Arabika Gayo” alone or together with its translation in any of the official EU languages,
– the “Kopi Arabika Gayo” logo registered as a European Union trademark, and
– the European PGI Logo, if desired.