MPKG Gayo Arabica Coffee

MPKG - The Producers Association

The Gayo Arabica Coffee Producers Association is known as MPKG, Masyarakat Perlindungan Kopi Gayo, which literally means the Gayo Coffee Protection Society. Our members share a mission: the GI protection of the Gayo Arabica Coffee to benefit the people of the Gayo Highlands, whose livelihoods depend on coffee. We aim to achieve this by maintaining the high quality and distinctiveness of the Kopi Arabika Gayo.

The origin of the MPKG dates back to 2005, when the Aceh Coffee Forum was established as an organisation of coffee producers in Aceh. The Aceh Coffee Forum received initial support from the UNDP and the Aceh Provincial Development Planning Agency. The notion of Geographical Indications was then introduced, as an important tool to preserve the distinctive features of our locally produced coffee and to establish a formal connection to Aceh as the place of origin.

In 2009 the MPKG was officially established to ensure the legal protection of the Kopi Arabika Gayo and maintain its original quality and taste. The establishment of the association was supported by the local governments of Aceh Tengah, Bener Meriah and Gayo Lues.

The members of the MPKG consist of individual farmers, cooperatives, processors, roasters and traders all located in the Gayo Highlands region. Membership to the organisation remains open to anyone who fulfils the requirements as described in the production specifications.

The current membership of the MPKG consists of over 10,000 farmer families, four cooperatives and six roasters. Members of the MPKG have approximately 13,000 hectares under management.