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Takengon and the Gayo Highlands

The Gayo Highlands consist of the mountainous central part of Aceh. It is an isolated area separated from the surrounding coastal plains by the Bukit Barisan mountain range, or Barisan Mountains, on the western side of Sumatra.

The Bukit Barisan range consists of 35 active volcanoes shrouded in dense jungle forests, including the Sumatran tropical pine forests on the higher slopes. The highest peak of the range is Mount Kerinci at 3,800 metres.

The four largest urban areas are located nearby lakes and bordered by high, forested mountain slopes. The areas around Danau Tawar (Lake Tawar) in the North are the most populated.

Source: Disbudpar Aceh



Takengon is the capital of the Central Aceh Regency. It is a picturesque city with a population of 230,000, situated by the shores of Lake Tawar, a 26 km long mountain lake which gives life to many coffee and tobacco plantations. Its peace and serene landscapes make it well worth a visit, especially for the coffee enthusiasts !

The indigenous people in Takengon are the Gayonese or as they’re usually called, ‘urang Gayo’, a dynamic population with their own language, lively traditional art and highly educated. The word Gayo comes from the ancient Acehnese language, adopted from Sanskrit which means ‘mountain’.

Folkloristic traditions include Didong, probably the most popular dance in the region that was originally used by Islamic clerics for spreading the teachings. In modern times, Didong can be seen during special events such as weddings and welcoming ceremonies for important guests.

Takengon can be reached by bus from both Medan, 8 hours, and from Banda Aceh, 7 hours. Alternatively Takengon has direct flight connections to both cities, approximately one hour.