MPKG Gayo Arabica Coffee

Sorting and Storage

The sorting process is performed using a machine called grading machine. The beans that are rejected, such as the black beans, brown beans, cracked beans and the beans damaged by pests are then manually sorted.

The storage of coffee beans needs to take place in a clean environment with good air circulation in the storage warehouse. Air circulation is very important to ensure that the amount of water in the coffee beans remains stable.

Storage should be in a place separated from products which have a strong smell such as cloves, garlic, rubber and cinnamon, as the coffee can absorb these smells.

The bags where the beans are stored also need to be clean. The beans should not be placed in bags that have been previously used for other spices as they may otherwise contaminate the coffee beans and affect their flavour.

Coffee beans from the Gayo Highlands are usually stored by sellers and exporters.