MPKG Gayo Arabica Coffee

Is Your Business Ready for Exporting?

an initial assessment

It is extremely important to carefully assess if your business has the resources and commitment to export as it can be a time and resource intensive exercise, particularly at the beginning when you need to assess potential international markets, find buyers and comply with multiple requirements associated to the export of coffee from your domestic location.

A business that is ready to export needs the capacity, resources and management to deliver a marketable product to an overseas market at a competitive price.

The following is a list of questions to help you identify all aspects to take into consideration to assess the readiness of your business for export:

1. Is the product you want to export already available?

2. Do you have surplus production capacity or are you able to meet increased demand for your product?

3. Do you have sufficient resources to meet the requirements in the target market and to promote it?

About you
4. Is your staff committed and able to sustain the effort required for finding international markets for your product? do you have adequate and sufficient human resources?

5. Are you able to meet deadlines?

6. Does your staff speak English?

7. Do you already sell your product nationally (or only locally)?

8. Does your staff have experience in export markets?

About the coffee you want to export

9. Does your coffee have a distinct advantage (quality, price, uniqueness) over others?

10. Have you adapted your packaging, labelling, and/or promotional materials for your destination market? or are you able to do so?

11. Have you conducted yet any research for your potential destination market(s)?

11. Is your promotional material available in English?

12. Do you have experience in engaging the services of a sales representative, distributor, agent, or broker?

13. Do you have experience in hiring a freight forwarder or a customs broker?