MPKG Gayo Arabica Coffee

Book of Specifications

The Book of Specifications corresponds to a voluntary standard that defines the specific quality of a product that is shared among producers who use the related geographical indication, in this case the Kopi Arabika Gayo.

It describes the specific characteristics of the Kopi Arabika Gayo which are attributable to its geographical origin, justifying the link between the product and its territory. It also explains how a given quality makes the product unique and therefore different from other coffees, and in what way it is linked to the origin.

The Book of Specifications includes all the technical details that need to be satisfied for the Kopi Arabika Gayo to be sold with this name. The document is therefore an important tool for internal coordination among the producers community and external trust to retailers and consumers.

Book of Specifications Kopi Arabika Gayo EN

 Book of Specifications Kopi Arabika Gayo ID